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Autoclave Resistance Thermometers - Pt100 Sensors

Autoclave Drain RTD (Type 69B)

Designed specifically for autoclave drain applications, these sensors incorporate similar manufacturing techniques to the load sensor which results in a very reliable sensor being produced.

Available in tolerance classes B or A, they can be supplied as simplex or duplex assemblies in a 3-wire configuration and comprise of a stainless steel sensor tip with a length of flying leads that are oversheathed with silicone rubber.

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1. No. of Elements and Ro Value

Number of Elements Select
Simplex (1 element)
Duplex (2 elements)

Resistance value at 0ºC:

2. Tolerance of Element

  Tolerance of Element
(IEC 60751 for Pt100)
Grade Accuracy
@ 0ºC
@ 100ºC
B ±0.30°C ±0.80°C
A ±0.15°C ±0.35°C
Note: 130Ω elements are only
available in Grade B

3. Wiring Configuration

  Wiring Configuration
(IEC 60751:2008)
3 3 wire (most popular)
4 4 wire

3. Sheath Diam. 'd1'


4. Sheath Length 'L1'


5. Wire Length 'L2'


6. Optional Plug Style

Abbildung Auswahl
CE7 - Miniature Plug Plastic, rated to 425°F (normal)
CE6 - Standard Plug Plastic, rated to 425°F (normal)

7. Quantity Required

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