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Surface Resistance Thermometers - Pt100 Sensors

High Temperature Magnetic (Type 81HT)

This versatile magnetic Pt100 RTD Sensor is suitable for high temperature measurements on ferrous surfaces up to a maximum of 570°F. The sensor is supplied with stainless steel braided fiberglass insulated Wire. Available in tolerance classes B or A as standard and has an operating temperature range of 14°F to +570°F. Magnet Dimensions: 1.14" dia. X 0.33" thick. Available in a 3 or 4-wire configuration.

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1. Tolerance of Element

  Tolerance of Element
(IEC 60751 for Pt100)
Grade Accuracy
@ 0ºC
@ 100ºC
B ±0.30°C ±0.80°C
A ±0.15°C ±0.35°C

2. Wiring Configuration

  Wiring Configuration
(IEC 60751:2008)
3 3 wire (most popular)
4 4 wire

3. Wire Length


4. Optional Plug Style

Abbildung Auswahl
CE7 - Miniature Plug Plastic, rated to 425°F (normal)
CE6 - Standard Plug Plastic, rated to 425°F (normal)

5. Quantity Required

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