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Multipair Thermocouple Wires

PFA Insulated

  • Ideal for higher temperature applications up to 480°F when Heat Resistant PVC is not adequate
  • Excellent for cryogenic use down to –100°F
  • PFA will withstand attack from virtually all known chemicals, oils and fluids. All our PFA cables are gas, steam and water tight which makes them most suitable for applications such as autoclaves or sterilizers
  • By using multipair, the problem of having many unwieldy single pair cables is eliminated
  • Available with and without stainless steel braid in the more popular conductor combinations
PFA Multipair 
Multipairs of 24 AWG conductors PFA insulated. Pairs twisted and bunched and shieldeded with Mylar® aluminium tape with a drainwire. PFA sheathed.

Stock Number BM0702 BM0703 BM0704 BM0706 BM0712
Wire Type (number of strands x AWG)   7 7 7 7 7
Size of Strand Diameter (mm)   .2 .2 .2 .2 .2
Total Area (mm2)   .22 .22 .22 .22 .22
Approx. Gauge SWG   36 36 36 36 36
AWG   32 32 32 32 32
Insulation   PFA
Number of Pairs   2 3 4 6 12
Conductor Configuration   Twisted
Shielded   Yes
Insulation   PFA
ºF   -100 to +480
ºC   -75 to +250
Color Coding   Yes
Abrasion Resistance   Very Good
Moisture Resistance   Very Good
Typical Weight (lbs/1000ft)
excl reel
  4 7 9 11 22
Diameter under Armor (inches)  
Diameter over Armor (inches)  
  0.16" 0.16" 0.20" 0.24" 0.31"
Popular Order Codes

BM0702KX, BM0702TX, BM0702JX, BM0702NX


BM0704KX, BM0704JX, BM0704NX

BM0706KX, BM0706TX, BM0706JX, BM0706NX, BM0706RCA

BM0712KX, BM0712TX


All dimensions are approximate
Rejects electromagnetic and electrostatic interference.
Gas, steam and water tight insulation.

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