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Single Pair Thermocouple and Extension Wires

Fire Resistant MICA Taped XLPE with Screen and Armor (LSF)

  • Resistant to a temperature of 750°C for at least three hours in accordance with the flame test requirements of IEC 60331
  • Essential for situations where it is of strategic importance to ensure that the cable continues to function during a major crisis involving fire
  • The cable incorporates a high temperature rated Mica glass tape with a XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) insulation on the cores and Low Smoke and Fume material on the bedding and/or outer sheath
  • Sheathing materials are Halogen free
Mica Taped XLPE insulated,
Twisted with Shield & Armor (LSF) 

One pair of stranded conductors Mica taped and XLPE insulated. Pair twisted. screened with Mylar® aluminium tape and drain wire. LSF bedded. Steel wire armoured and LSF sheathed.

Stock Number G99 G96
Wire Type (number of strands x AWG)   16x32 23x32
Wire Size - AWG   32 32
Insulation   MICA and XLPE
Number of Pairs   1
Conductor Configuration   Twisted
Shielded   Yes
Insulation   LSF
ºF   -22 to +165
ºC   -30 to +75
Color Coding   Yes
Abrasion Resistance   Good
Moisture Resistance   Very Good
Typical Weight (lbs/1000ft)
excl reel
  37 51
Diameter under Armor (inches)   0.28" 0.34"
Diameter over Armor (inches)   0.35" 0.41"
inches   0.47" 0.54"
mm     12.0 13.6
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All dimensions are approximate
Excellent for signal continuity in the event of a fire. Free of halogens.
Round cross section. Rejects electromagnetic and electrostatic interference. Armored for mechanical strength.

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