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Single Pair Thermocouple and Extension Wires

XLPE Insulated Twisted with Screen and Armor (Low Smoke and Fume) I.S Version

  • Incorporates XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) compound on the cores and Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) material on the bedding and/or outer sheath
  • These cables meet the requirements of BS4066 Part 3/IEC 60332.3 Category A covering tests on cables in fire conditions
  • Ideal for situations where there is a risk of fire and the emission of smoke and gases could threaten life and property
  • The acidic gas evolved during combustion is less than 0.5% in accordance with BS6425 Pt 1 1990 and IEC 60754.1: 1996
XLPE insulated, Twisted with
Shield and Armor (LSF) 

One twisted pair of stranded conductors XLPE insulated. Shielded with Mylar aluminum tape in contact throughout with bare tinned copper drainwire. LSF inner jacket insulation. Steel wire armoured and LSF insulation overall. Colored blue for Intrinsically Safe areas.

Stock Number GS94 GS95
Wire Type (number of strands x AWG)   16x32 24x32
Wire Size - AWG   32 32
Insulation   XLPE
Number of Pairs   1
Conductor Configuration   Twisted
Shielded   Yes
Insulation   LSF
ºF   -22 to +165
ºC   -30 to +75
Color Coding   Yes
Abrasion Resistance   Good
Moisture Resistance   Very Good
Typical Weight (lbs/1000ft)
excl reel
  42 49
Diameter under Armor (inches)   0.22" 0.30"
Diameter over Armor (inches)   0.24" 0.32"
inches   0.41" 0.44"
mm     10.5 11.0
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All dimensions are approximate
Sheath colored blue for Intrinsically
Safe areas. Excellent for fire risk areas. Free of halogens. Round cross section. Rejects electromagnetic and electrostatic interference. Armored for
mechanical strength.

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