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RTD Resistance Thermometer Wires

HR PVC Insulated

  • The following leads and cables are suitable for connecting to our range of Platinum Resistance Thermometer assemblies. Some are quite small and are ideal for extending out of an assembly pot seal but can be unwieldy for longer runs. Others are more robust, offer greater mechanical strength and are more suited for extending out of an assembly connection head or for use in connecting to junction boxes.
  • Whilst some of these cables are suited for longer cable runs, our range of single and multipair instrumentation cable may be more suitable for such applications.
HR PVC Insulated 
Cores of stranded copper conductors.
Cores HR PVC insulated. Cores bunched together. tinned copper wire braided. HR PVC sheathed overall.
Stock Number RP27 RP37 RP47 RP67 RP87
Wire Type (number of strands x AWG)   7x32 7x32 7x32 7x32 7x32
Wire Size - AWG   24 24 24 24 24
Insulation   Heat Resistant PVC
Number of Cores   2 3 4 6 8
Conductor Configuration   Twisted
Shielded   Yes
Insulation   Heat Resistant PVC
ºF   -22 to +220
ºC   -30 to +105
Color Coding   Yes
Abrasion Resistance   Good
Moisture Resistance   Very Good
Typical Weight (lbs/1000ft)
excl reel
  4 4 9 13 18
Diameter under Armor (inches)  
Diameter over Armor (inches)  
Inches   0.16" 0.16" 0.20" 0.24" 0.28"
mm     4 4 5 6 7
Popular Order Codes

RP27, RP37, RP47, RP67, RP87


All dimensions are approximate
Ideal for general used in normal ambient applications. This cable has a round cross section and rejects electromagnetic and electrostatic interference.

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