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General Purpose Thermocouples

FEP Insulated Thermocouple (Type 33)

These flexible FEP insulated thermocouples are ideally suited to applications which require resistance to attack from virtually all known chemicals, oils and fluids. Available in Type K, T, J, E and N thermocouple types, 0.157" in diameter, the length of which can be cut down to an exact size by the user if necessary. The sensing junction is encapsulated in the tip and the whole sensor is rated to 472°F.

A Standard and a Heavy Duty version with FEP plug ended sheath overall are offered as well as adjustable PTFE compression fittings for an exact insertion length in your process. Maximum length 16ft.

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1 Thermocouple Type Temperature Range (continuous) Temperature Range
(short term)
K Nickel Chromium vs
Nickel Aluminium
32°F to +2010°F -290°F to +2460°F
T Copper vs Constantan -300°F to +570°F -420°F to +750°F
J Iron vs Constantan +68°F to +1290°F -290°F to +1380°F
N Nicrosil vs Nisil 32°F to +2010°F -450°F to +2370°F
E Nickel Chromium vs Constantan 32°F to +1470°F -40°F to +1650°F
Temperature ranges refer to the thermocouple type.
The temperature range of the sensor may deviate from the above,
please refer to the product description for more details