Threaded Thermowells

  • Ideal for when an application demands the removal of a sensor without interrupting the process
  • Our thermowells can either be of welded construction with a parallel sheath or machined from solid with a parallel or tapered sheath
  • Available in a variety of constructions with either screwed BSP or NPT male process entry. Other threads are available upon request
  • Custom built in a wide range of sheath materials to meet customer requirements on a prompt delivery
  • Testing and Certification services include:
    ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2010 (wake frequency calculation), pressure testing, MTC’s, X-Ray, dye penetration, full penetration weld and NACE MR0175 (hardness test)

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1. Thermowell Style

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Welded fabrication Thermowell
with male and female threaded connections. Parallel sheath.
Machined from solid Thermowell
with male and female threaded connections.
Tapered or Parallel sheath.
Socket Weld style. Machined from solid thermowell, designed to work with socket weld fittings. Tapered, parallel or stepped sheath.

2. Sheath Material

3a. Process Entry Thread


3b. Sensor Entry Thread


4a. Outer Diameter ('P1')


4b. Bore Diameter


5. Insertion Length 'U'


6. Sheath Options

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2 Sheath Material Operational
Standard Sheath Materials
316 Grade 316 Stainless Steel
18/8/1 Ni/Cr/Molybdenum Stabilised
To BS EN 10088,
Werkstoff No : 1.4401

Very good corrosion resistance throughout the operating temperature range. Suited to a wide range of industrial applications. Enjoys high ductility.

310 Grade 310 Stainless Steel
25/20 Nickel/Chromium
To BS EN 10088,
Werkstoff No : 1.4845
Good high temperature corrosion resistance and suitable
for use in sulphur bearing atmospheres. Has high oxidation resistance.
600 Inconel 600*
Nickel/Chromium/Iron alloy
To BS EN 10095,
Werkstoff No : 2.4816
Used in severely corrosive atmospheres to elevated temperatures. Has good resistance to oxidation. Do not use in sulphur bearing atmospheres above 1020°F. 2010°F
800 Incoloy 800*
Iron/Nickel/Chromium alloy
To BS EN 10095,
Werkstoff No : 1.4876
Used in severely corrosive atmospheres to elevated temperatures. Enjoys a good resistance to oxidation and carburisation. Resistant to sulphur bearing atmospheres. 2010°F
820 Incoloy 825*
Iron/Nickel/Chromium alloy
To BS EN 10204,
Werkstoff No : 2.4858
Highly resistant to corrosion & oxidising conditions.
Particuarly useful when used in acidic environments.
Specialized Sheath Materials
276 Hastelloy 276*
To ASTM B574,
Werkstoff No : 2.4819
Excellent general corrosion resistance and good fabricability. Highly popular for chemical and petrochemical processing applications. 2280°F
400 Monel 400
Nickel 30% Copper/Iron
To BS 3076,
Werkstoff No : 2.4360
Particularly resistant to corrosion by seawater, Monel has high strength and toughness over a wide temperature range. 2280°F
A fluorocarbon based polymer, PTFE offers high chemical resistance, low friction and electrical and thermal insulation over a wider temperature range than most plastics. Perfect for protecting metals against acid attack. 250°C
Other sheath materials are available upon request.
* Trade Names
for a welded thermowell, process connection is usually BSPT and sensor connection is usually BSPP.