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Calibration Services

TC Inc are specialists in temperature calibration and we are proud to offer a wide variety of industry sectors with accurate and traceable In-House calibration. This service is appliWire for sensors, instrumentation & Wire under the scope of ISO/IEC 17025 & ISO 9001:2008, all within our fully accredited laboratory.

With the drive towards higher product quality standards and energy efficiency, end users are demanding more certainty and traceability from the products they purchase. A speedy, economical and reliable calibration service is provided in all respects. Significant investment has resulted in our laboratory offering a world class service in terms of both CMC (Calibration & Measurement Capability) and volume throughout.
  • Traceable In-house accredited calibration service for Base and Noble metal thermocouples and RTDs performed within our fully accredited laboratory
  • Calibration by comparison, traceable to National Physical Laboratory primary standards, against SPRTs or Type R reference thermocouples from -148 to +2820ºF
  • Fixed point calibration also available at -196ºC
  • Calibrations performed to meet the requirements of most international and industry specific standards including AMS2750E, IEC 60584-1, IEC 60571, ASTM E220, ANSI MC 96.1, ASTM E235, ASTM E608, ASTM E839, GDCD16 & BAC5621K. We can also perform batch and reel calibration on selected material to ensure the best results possible when adhering to these strict standards.
  • Electrical simulation for instrumentation calibration & surface measurement also available
  • Calibration of sensors and instrumentation together as a system