How will TC use information about you, our customers?

TC Measurement and Control, Inc. (also trading as TC Direct, Spectite Ltd, Spectherm Ltd are committed to protecting your privacy and providing a service which you can rely on. The following privacy statement applies to TC Measurement and Control, Inc. and its subsidiaries (listed above), referred to from hereon in as ‘the company’. Any personal information collected is controlled by:

TC Measurement and Control, Inc
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Collection of Personal Data – How is it Used?

The company takes our customer’s privacy extremely seriously and we will only ever use personal information (such as full name, job title/department, telephone number and email address) to provide an accurate and professional service to our customers, or to contact you about orders you have placed with us. At no point will your details ever be passed on to any 3rd party; we only use your details for legitimate, business reasons. Under no circumstances will we ever ask you for any high risk or sensitive personal information as it holds no weight towards the service that we provide. The information that you provide is handled manually and there are no automated decisions or profiling required in order for us to provide a service to you, our customers.

Cookies – Do We Store Your Payment Information?

We do not use tracking cookies or pixels to collect or store any personal information and no credit or debit card information is stored when placing an order with us. Any debit or credit card info given to us verbally is destroyed immediately after the order has been processed, as per our company policy and procedure regarding order processing, safeguarding and privacy. Our website is fully protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software which encrypts the information you input.

Marketing – What Choices Do You Have?

Occasionally we would like to send you technical information on the custom built products and services we supply or the latest prices from our ex stock range. This is likely to be twice a year at the most, via post. If you are happy for this information to be sent to you, then you do not need to do anything, however, you have the right to opt out of receiving this information at any time if you feel it is no longer relevant or necessary.

If you are currently receiving technical literature from us and would like to withdraw consent, please use the form below to opt out.

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We only ever use the information you provide to contact you and will never disclose your details.

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If you would like to raise a complaint about the type of literature you have received or if you feel we have not performed correctly or as listed above in this privacy policy, you may do so by emailing us at


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