Thermocouple and RTD Pt100 Sensors


Mineral Insulated
Rugged sensors, ideal for most applications
Swaged Tip
Fast response Thermocouples for most applications
Ideal for precision temperature measurements
Heavy Duty
For industrial applications such as furnaces, kilns etc.
Ceramic Sheathed
Thermocouples for high temperature applications
High Temperature
Thermocouples for high temperature applications
General Purpose
A wide range of thermocouples to suit many applications

Resistance Thermometers

Mineral Insulated
RTD Sensors
Popular sensors, ideal for most applications
Hand Held
RTD Sensors
For general purpose, surface and air temperatures
RTD Sensors for
Surface Temps.
A wide range of RTD sensors for surface measurements
Swaged Tip
RTD Sensors
fast response RTD sensors for most applications
RTD Sensors
A range of specialist RTD sensors for autolave applications
RTD Sensors
0.059" & 0.079" dia. ideal for precision measurements
Other Popular
RTD Sensors
Bayonet, bolt, stator slot, basic element styles etc.

Infrared Sensors

Gun Style
Infrared Thermometer
Portable, easy to use thermometer with laser sighting.
High Performance Gun Style Infrared Thermometer High performance portable thermometer with laser sighting. Pocket Style
Infrared Thermometer
Compact infrared thermometer with auto hold & max/min.
Pen Style
Infrared Thermometer
Ideal for a variety of application including HVAC.

Infrared thermometer with either 2:1, 15:1 or 30:1 optical res.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Temperature and Humidity
For continuous measurements of temperature and humidity with 4-20mA output signal.


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Thermocouple Sensors
Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
Thermocouples with Mini Plug
Thermocouples with Terminal Head
Thermocouples with Wire
High Temperature Thermocouples
General Purpose Thermocouples
IECex/ATEX Thermocouple Sensors
Ceramic Thermocouple Sensors
Fast Response Thermocouple Sensors
Autoclave Thermocouple Sensors
Surface Measurement Thermocouple Sensors
FEP Insulated Thermocouple

Platinum Resistance Thermometers
Mineral Insulated RTD Pt100 Sensors
Rigid Stem RTD Pt100 Sensors
Hand Held RTD Pt100 Sensors
Surface Measurement RTD Pt100 Sensors
RTD Pt100 Sensors with Wire
RTD Pt100 Sensors with Mini Plug
Autoclave RTD Pt100 Sensors
RTD Pt100 with Terminal Head
IECex/ATEX Platinum Resistance Thermometers
Fast Response RTD Pt100 Sensors
Air Temperature RTD Pt100 Sensors
Magnetic RTD Pt100 Sensors
PVC Single Pair Thermocouple and Extension Wire
PFA Single Pair Thermocouple and Extension Wire
Fiberglass Single Pair Thermocouple & Extension Wire
PVC Multipair Thermocouple Wire
PFA Multipair Thermocouple Wire
Fiberglass Multipair Thermocouple Wire
PVC RTD Pt100 Wire
PFA RTD Pt100 Wire
Fiberglass RTD Pt100 Wire

Miniature Thermocouple Connectors
Mini Thermocouple Connectors – 410ºF Rated
Mini Thermocouple Connectors – 660ºF Rated
Mini Thermocouple Connectors – 1200ºF Rated
Mini Thermocouple Connector Accessories
Mini Thermocouple Connector Panels
Mini Three Pin Connectors

Standard Thermocouple Connectors
Standard Thermocouple Connectors – 410ºF
Standard Thermocouple Connectors – 660ºF Rated
Standard Thermocouple Connectors – 1200ºF Rated
Standard Thermocouple Connector Accessories
Standard Thermocouple Connector Panels
Standard Three Pin Connectors
Hand Held Indicators
Temperature Transmitters
Temperature Controllers
Temperature Calibrators
Chart Recorders
Multi Channel Indicator
DIN Rail Mounted Transmitters
Head Mounted Transmitters
IECEx/ATEX Rated Transmitters
Dry Block Calibrator
Temperature Dataloggers

Temperature Accessories
Compression Fittings
Pressure and Vacuum Feedthroughs
IECEx/ATEX Compression Fittings

Calibration Services

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