High Precision RTD Transmitters

High Precision RTD Pt100 Slimline DIN Rail Transmitter

Technical Features – Input
Input : RTD Pt100 (2, 3 or 4 wire), EN 60751
Measurement Range : -150 to +650°C, Settable via dip switch
Minimum Span : 50°C
Current on Sensor : <900uA
Wire Resistance : Max. 20Ω per wire
Resistance Range : 20 - 350Ω

Technical Features – Output/Power Supply
Operating Voltage : 19.2 - 30V DC
Consumption : Max. 21mA at 24V DC
Current output : 4~20mA, 0-20mA, 20~4mA or
20~0mA. Max. Load resistance 500Ω
Voltage output : 0-5V DC, 1-5V DC & 0-10V DC. Min.
load resistance 2kΩ
Maximum Current : Approx. 25mA

EN61000-6-4/2002-10 (electromagnetic emission, industrial surroundings)
EN61000-6-2/2006-10 (electromagnetic immunity, industrial surroundings)
EN61010-1 (safety)
Other Features
Resolution : 14 bits
Accuracy : 0.1%
Temperature Coefficient : 100ppm
Response Time (10-90%) : <50ms (without filter)
<200ms (with repeat filter 50Hz)
Protection Index : IP20
Sensor Fault Detection : Yes
Box : PBT (black color)
Dimensions/Weight : 6.2 x 93.1 x 102.5mm / 50g
Operating Conditions : Temperature -20 / +65 °C
Humidity 30 - 90% at 40°C
Storage Temperature : -40 - +85 °C
Connections : Spring terminals
Conductor Section : 0,2..2,5 mm²
Wire stripping : 8 mm
Isolation Voltage : 1.5 kV (50 Hz for 1 Min.)
Mounting : Standard 35mm DIN rail
Optional Bus Adaptor available:
Connects 2 modules per connector
Allows modules to be “hot swappable”
Connect multiple units to a single power supply

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